My First YouTube Ad Follow Along using John's YouTube content on my Channel

Beginng my first follow along today!

Working on running my first Youtube Ad and I’ll be working on recording screen shots and video.

Wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted.


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Thank you for the follow along Hal! I look forward to seeing what you can do!


Thanks Jameson!
I’m not the most tech savvy guy, so it’s taking some time because the video follow along thing and screen shots are pretty new for me. But I hope to have the first snippets up on YouTube and posted here by tomorrow at the latest.

I’ll keep you posted!

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Thanks Hal! I look forward to it :slight_smile:

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OK Y’all…

So, I began working on my Follow Along and here is the plan I started with…

  1. Started my new YouTube Channel, Online Entrepreneur Secrets, where people can follow my journey as an Online Entrepreneur.

The mission of which is to help folks learn about how to start, build and grow an online business by following me, while I share what I am learning through free YouTube videos, books I have read and mainly- the tips and techniques I have learned and am implementing through courses from Successful Online Entrepreneurs like John. :boom::grinning:

I plan on proving these methods by literally going from ZERO (I have still not made one sale yet) to 8 Figures- PLUS.

You can check out my channel Online Entreprenuers Secrets Channel here

  1. I began trying to video myself to generate some content, so I could begin gainly followers ahd have a place to post my SAS Affiliate links and eventually, links to other Biz Opp products and services that I use and am an Affiliate of.

The first sessions of me videoing myself were TERRIBLE- as anyone can expect. However, I kinda come from a unique perspective, because I have been as entertainer for years. And I guess my ego was stopping me from posting the first videos until I upped my production and delivery.
NOTE: I have since gotten over that. How I did it is another story I will share later. :wink:

  1. While I was in process of beginning this first follow along and getting ready to try to post my first YouTube AD, something AMAZING HAPPENED last week!


If you have not seen this video, do yourself a favor and check it out here

  1. So, I began using John’s video above to upload his content to my channel and I have taken MY SAS AFFILIATE LINKS from Clickbank and added them in the Description on all the videos
    being posted to MY Channel- Just like John GAVE US PERMISSION To Do!


Because John is allowing me, by using his professional, quality content to build MY Channel, WHILE I WORK ON GENERATING MY OWN CONTENT!

If you have never generated your own content and tried to upload to YouTube regularly you can understand what a relief it is knowing you can have CONSISTENT QUALITY CONTENT on you channel and a chance of MAKING MONEY, selling product and bringing VALUE to the marketplace-

WHILE YOU LEARN ALL THE TECH STUFF, get Approved on the different Affiliate Networks AND GET BETTER AT IT without the pressure of having to just throw mediocre (or worse) content that no one wants to watch.
You can have people come to you FOR FREE instead of posting links randomly or risking getting labeled as a spammer because you’re just learning the ropes of the business and trying to get out there. (yep, been there)

THANK YOU JOHN CRESTANI!!! I appreciate you and what you are doing. In return, I plan on making us A LOT of money- TOGETHER!

  1. Currently, I am finishing up my first introduction and How to Run a YouTube Ads follow along videos that I will SHARE HERE and on YouTube.

  2. Once I get my first Follow Along video done, I will run Ads for it on YouTube, Google and my Online Entrepreneur Facebook page.

***In conclusion, I hope that by sharing my journey here I will gain a better understanding of the process as I go and help some of you do the same on your own journey.

Thanks for following along,


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Great motivation & dedication Hal! Looking forward to reading more about your journey with us.

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Thank you, Ilya! I am working on trying to get my video follow alongs and YouTube Ads for SAS up today and this weekend.

I really appreciate all the great information in SAS and all of the SAS Teams work!

OK Y’all,

I didn’t mean to leave you hanging, but Mardi Gras here in Louisiana started with a bang and ended with my entire household gettting the flu! And my six year old wound up in the hospital for a couple of days with walking pnuemonia. ::cry: So, I’ve been out of commision on my Follow Along, but trying to get back in the swing of it.

So… I have been using John’s suggestion and sharing his YouTube content to my channel Online Entrepreneur Secrets like this…

And, I have begun to get some traffic…

And a few Hops on Clickbank…

So, now I plan on getting my YouTube Ads up and running! I will try to get a decent video follow along to the steps John walks us thru and let you know how it goes.

Wish me luck! And I hope this helps some of you as well.


Finally got my 1st YouTube Ad running!
I followed the steps in Week 4 exactly, except I tried to upload the 150K bizop list from Resources and it is still uploading into my Google Ads. Not sure if its working or not, so I chose "select keywords’ and added over 50 keywords from the SAS Keywords list.

I will post follow ups on the progres begiining tomorrow. I dod ont do a video walk thru as I was pressed for time and wanted to get this done, but hopefully I will video some results and post that with screenshots from Google Ads, YouTube Analytics and Clickbank.

Hope this helps someone.

Wish me luck!

Ok SASers,

Here are the results of my first YouTube video Ad on my onlineentrepreneursecrets channel. I did have trouble and could not upload the BizOp Buyers List from the SAS Resources into my Google Ads, so I copy and pasted as many as I could into the Tags Section, to make sure I was targetoing swome kind of Audience. No sales yet, but here are my Analytics.

My Google Ads results

Here are my ClickBank Analytics

Hope this helps someone,


Well… My Ad was Disapproved by Google for Mismatch. I have assigned this Ad my domain and I have another Ad in Clickfunnels with another product, so I believe this is the issue.


I’m gonna try to fix this and let you know what happens.

Wish me Luck!


Hi Hal

Have you had any further progress with your YouTube campaign? I launched a YouTube ad and ran it for just over a week. Had over 200 hits, 11 order form impressions, but zero sales frowning_face: Would be good to hear if you’ve managed any as yet?


@hal.bruni Thanks for sharing your journey! How are things going now for you?