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My First Sale with Sqribble

I couldn’t believe it. I got my first sale with Sqribble March 5. I have been using EasySoloAds, where they send 1500 emails a week to the niche you select. I can select 3 niches each week. It’s $47 per month. I can change my ad whenever I want. I started the SAS program January 5 and I finally got my first sale 2 months later. I hope it continues. I will now send it out on Google Ads like Robert suggests. Wishing you all the same prosperity.


Hi Legaleagle, thanks for the tip, I will look into it. Wit all the electricity and water problems in the USA recently it is worth trying to sell Water Freedom and Backyard Revolution Clickbank products. SASpanel has templates for these. I have had several sales already. (Google ads).
Wish you every success. Robert

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WOW!!! Great to know this, @legaleagle1689! Congratulations on your first sale!
There is really nothing impossible if you persevere.

Keep the sales coming! :clap:

THIS IS IT!!! :rocket: :fire:
We are absolutely stoked to hear about your great success…you simply made it happen!!!
I curious to see what the future has in stock for you - I expect nothing less but greatness! YOU GOT THIS! :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:

Thanks for Sharing it must have been gratifying 47 per month. Understand.