My First Sale! The System Works

I came home today, opened my computer to start on week 6, open the Super Affiliate Program, Open Click Bank, and Bang!! $460.61 awaits me!! This is immensely life changing for me, I’m actually in tears as I type this. My wife was extremely skeptical the day I told her about this opportunity, she had a huge argument with me about not doing this opportunity.

She thought it was a SCAM and a waste of my time and money. She honestly avoided me for three days, did’n’t cook, hardly give me any eye contact. I just showed her the ROI on our Investment from Click Bank and she’s here jumping up and down!!! The system Works if you simply follow his instructions. I started this on June 6th, and took two weeks out of the Country, got back and hit it hard.

It’s normal to be skeptical, but if it happened for me; it will for you as well. I have all the proof I need now to get lots of friends and family on Board this SHIP…



Onwards and upwards! :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your first sale! :smile:
And what a testament to your commitment…3 days is a long time! lol
Keep rockin it and let us know how it’s going!


Congratulations on your first sale! Glad your wife is smiling now :slight_smile:

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How much did you spend on ads to make the 1st sale of $460?

Hi there, Aaron
I spent approximately $250.00 on Ads in various test methods. When I first started, I placed my Ad on Google but like most of us; it got removed and suspended shortly after generating some impressions.

I later place my Affiliate links on all my social media pages, I place a small Ad on craigslist, I placed another small Ad in my local Newspaper “Now Hiring Session.” I was just trying different methods and to be honest, I’m not quite sure where the new Affiliate came from directly.

Now that I have made a sale, it’s a GAME CHANGER!! I plan on reinvesting the entire $414.00 back into my business. After I minus $46 tithe and offering to my Home Church. This Business is Very Real, and I’m all about “PROOF” Well for me, the proof’s in the putting…


I am very Happy for you and your success, any tips for a week 1 beginner like myself and others? :pleading_face:

Hey there, Bugle21
I first want you to know that I’m just a regular guy and not a spokes person for “The Super Affiliate System.” I have been doing this since June 6 and this is all new to me as it is to you. If you follow his instructions exactly as he states during the training, you will eventually have success.
It’s normal and natural to be confused, frustrated, and even skeptical as you do this business. I was, and that’s a normal human experience that comes along with learning and performing something new. This business does require some funds to help you generate leads to your landing page or pages, I’m still learning the system as I continue to invest in Lead generations to my landing pages. Consider every penny you spend in this business an investment, because it is. I didn’t think I would have gotten the sale I got so quickly but I was persistent with my campaign.

My wife didn’t spoke to me for three days and completely avoided me because she had no hope in this business until she saw the first sale. I firmly believe the biggest reason we don’t get lots of sale is simply because, His program is a very “HIGH TICKET ITEM.” Once you become a member of Click Bank, you can promote smaller ticket items from tons of Vendors.

Be sure to ask them for a well written Landing pages and to please include the Facebook Disclosures on everything they send regarding post on Facebook. Without the disclosures, Facebook will decline you Ad or posts within 2-3 minutes. This is starting to get really long and I have to get back to my Click Funnel Affiliate Booth Camp Online Training.

When you make a sale from JC program, please remember this Money is not yet yours until after 6-7 weeks. Click Bank have a policy regarding this, I didn’t know and had to find out later. So for every new person reading this, don’t make any plans for the sales your making for at least 7 weeks. Customers are obligated to a full refund from this program if they are not happy for any reason.

I wish you the best of luck young man, JC program is real and I am Proof. Study the system, plug in to the free training, invest in this business and save a record of every dime. Separate yourself from the ordinary people that watches television during the evenings. I invest 7pm-11pm into my business every night and turn off the idiot box/TV.

Buy the book and read every page, “The Four Hour Work Week.” Within two-three years you can have complete financial freedom and total control of the Lifestyle you truly deserve. Working the job you currently have will never get you or myself there. Oh and I absolutely HATE my job, these employers have completely loss their MINDS these days…

Get on Click Funnel and lets be part of “The Two Comma-Club”

Good luck,
Emmanuel Stewart BBA MBA


I truly appreciate the advice, im constantly confused the more i progress but learning at the same time. Thank U for the response and I hope you continue to grow your business-so your wife will keep talking to you:wink:

great!! we will get motivation from this post…enjoy