My First Challenge - Fuelling progress with my Goal

I was so exited to work through the Welcome module, and Created my ClickBank account during John’s How to Video in Module 1. It was only my first week and I was on a roll! I got cocky as I thought to myself - “John C took 4 years to make this a success - At this rate I’m sure I can do it in 4 months!”

In week 2 I watched the Module 2 training vids and went straight for the “Show me how to join Adzilla” How to video. After I registered my Adzilla account and linked my Affiliate ID (nickname) - this is where things started to go wrong.

The account set-up process started well - but in my excitement I started miss-reading the instructions. I actually cannot describe exactly what I did wrong, but not realizing that I needed to wait 3 days for my Domain to ‘propagate’ I proceeded to try and register again, and again. 3 or 4 Adzilla registrations later the login stopped working, and soon after that I couldn’t log in to Clickbank either.

I submitted a stack of questions to SAS support, Clickbank and Adzilla, and after reading other people’s posts in this Forum - I find myself praying that I’m not locked out and denied access for ever.

Now I find myself thinking that it might take me 14 years to get my first sell page to market. Screw that! I took a long hard look at my written down goal and the picture I stuck next to it. Now I take a deep breath followed by calm and controlled ‘footsteps’ … John Wick style, before every IT-related ‘kill’ going forward. See you at the next post!

so where are you at today with your progress