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My First Campaign on Google Ads!

So I got a split test running. Half of my budget will go to one ad and the rest will go to the other Ad. Let’s see what kind of results I get tomorrow? Which ad will be better. FYI, one ad is a little aggressive than the other. Congrats to everyone who also created their first Google ads Champaign. Always take action and never quit. :v:

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Good luck Jason, Lets see some sales!

Hi, My name is Ishfaq.
I placed my first Ads on Google and Got a First sale as well (100 USD) .
Thanks to John Crestani for his training course which help me a lot. :grinning:



@ishfaq_abbasi ALRIGHT! Way to go! So glad you got a sale…It’s encouraging to see the program work.

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Congrats! Ishfaq. Good job. The training is really helpful. I learning a lot everyday.

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Great inspiring!

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Thank you guys for sharing. This is so inspiring. :slight_smile: