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My first 2 sales using Google search ads for Speechelo

It has taken many months of trying out selling different products using solo ads, Google ads, Youtube ads but I finally made my first 2 sales ($37) in one day using Google ads for the Speechelo product using the slightly modified Saspanel presell page. So, I am happy to see that sales are possible but I have a lot more things to try out and learn in order to get many sales.


Congrats!!! :smiley: :ok_hand: Keep going, keep learning & never stop trying! :wink:

Wow!! This is great! Congratulations on your sale @ryoung2000! I knew you’d get that sale. :clap: Keep it coming!

That’s awesome and requires a great big atta boy…keep up the good work!

Great going. Keep us motivated!

Where is the Speechelo pre-sell page? I am watching a replay of the weekly webinar and it is mentioned as being a page that is done for us but I cannot find it.


Hi @HughGardner,

You go to your SAS dashboard => click My Presell Pages => Build New Page => add Title => Launch Page Builder SAS => in the top right hand corner click Templates => click the drop-down => click SAS Pro Presell Pages => scroll down => it’s on the last row



Hope this helped. :blush:

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What is that Dashboard though? My screen doesn’t look anything like that.


The SAS Panel Dashboard. I’m not sure if you know, be we have access to a platform where you can host your own presell pages as well as use the ones they have already created for us.

You can register here:

Also check Module 2 - Show me how to join the in-house SAS Hosting Platform Beta:

Hope this helps. :blush:



Think you very much for those informations. I admit that I’m a little lost with all the informations of the courses. I hope that I’ll be able to make concrete progress with this plateform SASpanel.

Have a good day :))

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First of all Congratulations for your sales but you said Months ??? Please be specific and tell us how many months without Sales ??? Really I am surprised today twice here i kind of disappointed here John said you will earn money in first month !!!