My FB Ad results

I wanted to share some results from my first FB ad to see if this is normal or not. I ended up stopping the ad 3 days in because of the results. it was costing $11 per click which is crazy! Below is a screenshot of my results. I had 4 nasty comments, a bunch of angry faces. I’m pretty disappointed to say the least and I’m feeling nervous about posting another ad with this kind of result.
I followed everything that John teaches in the video. I believe it’s because the same people are being targeted over and over again with the exact same ad they are getting mad. I had a nasty comment left on my fanpage as well. Has anyone had results like this?

Your CPC is really high. You want to get that down for sure. Nasty comments, yes, does not matter what you are marketing on FB, you are going to get rude comments from either competition or trolls. You can just go to your business page on Facebook. Hit settings, then scroll down the page until you see page moderation. Then you can type all the words you don’t want them to be able to say.

There is no set way to lower your CPC, sometimes it takes trying different things to get a lower cost.

Are you an Inner Circle member? John went over things to adjust to lower the CPC in FB ads in the last call.