Mom from Michigan

Hi Everyone,

I’m Nabila and I live in Michigan. I’ve had a bit of a twisted professional journey, but thankfully, I’ve been able to realize that I’ve dabbled quite a bit in marketing over the years. So, now I’m zeroing in on it. I started pursuing copywriting, and while I loved the course I’ve been working on, the career does require quite a bit of time and effort to establish a stable income. I then came across an email regarding John’s training and the statement that you can make a decent income with just 4 hours a week and that’s what really attracted me to the program. I know I have the skills, but time is not on my side because of some heavy family obligations. At the same time, I would like to have a consistent monthly income. So, I’ve been on the lookout for an opportunity such as this one.

My goal is to earn enough money AND time to be able to live comfortably, focus on my family, and eventually help others in their journeys toward independence.

Glad to be here!


Hey Nabila @nikram10 :hugs:
The journey of life is full of twists and turns…and that’s also why it never gets boring! Every day we able to turn everything around and change it to a better, only if we want! Therefore I am really happy you decided to go on this new journey with us! May this be the turning point towards a great bright future!
We, the SAS team, are excited to be working and interacting with you.
There are a few things I need to remind you off - just in case you haven’t come across them yet… So this community right here will be a very important part of your upcoming weeks. It’s the place where you can exchange knowledge and experiences with other aspiring marketers. Help each others whenever you can and grow together - you will realise soon, that this is of great benefit for your progress. So whenever you need some assistance, post your question in the forum or go to our Help Desk and search for related topics. Generally chances are pretty high that your question will be answered easily this way.
Put a big reminder in your calendar for our Thursday’s Super Affiliate Live Training with my colleague Ilya. He will guide you step-by-step through selected weekly topics and you will have the chance to ask questions in the end.
The last thing I want to inform you about is our current “Build your Presell Contest” contest. Please hand in your submission until 10th May and be in with the chance to win great prizes, such as cash or private training.
Please have a wonderful start to our course! Be focussed and work hard, because will not come by itself. Everything is hip to your tenacity! :v:
All the best and I’m looking forward to seeing you around! :slightly_smiling_face:

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HI Nabila, after reading your intro we have a few things in common, family obligations and time not being on our side all of the time. This course seems to be very very well put together its my 1st day and i’m forward to learning and DOING which should result in lessons and profits. Good luck to you.

Yes! Good luck to you too!

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Thank you for the welcome! I look forward to working with everyone here.

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Welcome @nikram10!
I totally understand time obstacles.
I have it to.
But I decided to take a chance and so happy that we have chance for life with more financial and time freedom in future.
Good luck to us. :blush:
I wish you success. :+1:t2:

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