Module 2 Should I use AdZilla or BlueHost?

I am confused in module 2 because I don’t know what I should do. Since SAS have added their own hosting platform AdZilla should I use that instead of going through the regular process of making a ClickFunnels account then a BlueHost account and connecting the two. Can someone give me some clarity? Thanks

I am not sure if you received an answer already, but go through Adzilla it will be a much smoother process.


Hi Emanuel390829,

I just finished Module 2. I wanted to go through the module first before I started. I was confused about the ADZilla video. It didn’t seem to fit all the videos and information. I would stick with Click Funnels and Bluehost. You will have way more knowledgeable information and videos (On Youtube) to support you. ADZilla is still in its early stages.

Thanks for that insight…