Module 2 Problem with ClickFunnels Plugin

Hi, I was doing ok on the program until i got to the part of creating the web page how to video. In the begining the show how to isntall and activate the ClickFunnels Plugin in Bluehost dashboard. The problem I have is that when I install the plugin it crashes the dashboard not showing any information.

Has anyone encountered this situation and have a solution for it?

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Hi there, @oavilae7!

I’m sorry to know about this. This may have been due to the outdated Clickfunnels plug in.

If you can send me your Bluehost and Clickfunnels log in details to [email protected] for me to get this fixed.

Will wait for your email.

I’m having problems with ClickFunnels plugin. Wordpress is only offering Fast ClickFunnels and the instructor said not to click on that one. Now what?

I ran into the same trouble. I am new to all of the technological aspects of this new venture so I spent so much time trying to figure it out. I finally reached out to support. They told me not to use Bluehost( already paid for) and switch to Ad Zilla. It is frustrating that the course information seems to be outdated. It’s making me very apprehensive that the rest of the course is out of date as well.

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Sorry, wish I could help you. I found module 2 pretty confusing with no support given. It’s disappointing. Good luck. If you buy the $4,000 coaching program, perhaps someone will help you.

I agree. I appreciate your response.

So disappointing that this crucial information is not updated. Time is precious and time is money much of which of mine has been wasted due to this.

hi there new to course and program and stuck here on Mos 2 with same issue as other… What is the fix if clickfunnel is no longer available