Module 11 assignment

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Hi, @emmanuelquaye732! This is great ! :grinning:

My modulee 11 assignment :slight_smile:

Success Mindset “Proximity Equals Power” (Do This To MEET MILLIONAIRES!)

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Here’s the video that I would recommend everyone watch. It’s about starting an email list with MailChimp. John does an excellent job of explaining how to get started with a niche product. Other videos on his channel show you how to get free traffic to your offer. Great stuff!
“How To Build An Email List For Marketing in 10 Minutes (Without Making A Website)”

Hello, everyone! I wanted to share one of John Crestani’s YouTube videos that made me decide to buy the Super Affiliate System. It’s called: “A True Story On How Tim Ferriss Made Me Rich From $0 to $1Million”. The link is:

Hearing about how John discovered the 4-Hour Workweek book, then made money on eBay, and became a “medical guinea pig” humanized that bearded man with the money gun :slight_smile: His fun and crazy videos were great, but this video gave him more depth. And, that’s part of why I bought the program.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share. I’m on module 11 of the program and look forward to making a lot of money and traveling the world. I hope everone is enjoying the new year and I wish you all great success!


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Awesome! Thanks for this @regal_remy! :+1:t3:

Here’s my Module 11 assignment. Just for fun Roasting :smile: