Microsoft Ads(Bing Ads) - Good Percentage But No Sales

Dears, Please to share with me your opinions; I really need it:

I am promoting SAS through digistore sales page ; I got up to 18 “Order Form Visitor” out of 77 “Promolink click” , which I think a good percentage; but no sales
Although I have been running the campaign 4 days ago, but i don’t want to waste more money.

What do you think the reason for no sales?

I had one sale before when I promoted SAS through the free training using Forbes Landing page.

or Should I get back to promot SAS through the free training? but also only one sale is not that clear indicator.

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Hi Dalia, please send me a screenhot of your Disgitore24 analytics reporting as well as your Bing ad performance dashboard for me to look into this better. However, 77 promolink clicks are still not enough to get good data. We still need at least 100 promolink clicks and the ad must run at least 10-14 days for us to check how we can optimize or scale.

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Dear Iizette,
Thank you!
Done , Sent to u.