Max Lomas from California

My name is Max Lomas. I live in Turlock California. I currently do personal training and work in durable medical supplies.
1 commit to 3 hours of affiliate work a day.
2 replace my personal training income with affiliate marketing.
3 be able %100 of my living expenses with affiliate marketing by December.

Hey @maxlomas

Welcome to the Super Affiliate Family!

Hey Max, Welcome, There’s a tremendous amount of Information shared here. So dive in a have a good time. Good luck!!!
Capt Keith (Cappy) Plaskett
Central Florida USA

Hi Max!

Welcome to SAS, we are glad you are here!

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Hi there Max. I’m from California as well and looking forward to getting started with SAS. Best of luck!

Hello there. I’m also from Cali, and I’m taking a look to see how many Californian’s we have here!

Let’s do our best then.

Welcome! We are glad you are here with us!