Manual Method website part doesn't work

I followed the steps. I read the comments in the forum. When I get to the last part where John does the test on his site, that’s where nothing happens for me. I generate and save my hoplink, I go to the Advance sections and File Manager. I do all the steps the extracting stuff. I place my hoplink in the appropriate place for redirection. When I go to my site, nothing is there. I have been working on this for 5 hours today and I am SUPER FRUSTRATED. I checked to see if it was in the public sub folder.
I have created so many folders doing this over and over again. This is NOT good!
What is supposed to happen after putting the hoplink in that edit part?
Is something supposed to appear on my website?
If so then it is NOT working. This is VERY discouraging.

Hi @bigrognyc. I understand the frustration. I’ll be happy to help.

Can you send me a screenshot of the file manager where your ‘test’ folder is under public_html? Please see below image for your reference.

I took a screen shot as I went through the process. I am really stuck at this point and this is so discouraging.

I called the people from the website to get some help. This is where I am now.

I FINALLY got it to work. Now when I put in my website address, the presell page appears and it is functional. My question now is, what about the other stuff on my website, there is only the presell page. So every I promote something, will it replace the presell page that is there or will it add a new presell page to my website?

The Hoplink did not register in my Clickbank account. I even had someone else sign up for a webinar but nothing reflected in Clickbank that someone went to the site. Why is that?

I got that too. I had to redirect to my hoplink again. That is fine now. My question does remain about the Website, can I add other pages to my website and still have the presell page?

Hi @bigrognyc!

In order to have multiple products on one domain, add a new folder under your domain file on Bluehost to create another website for a different product which will be a slug.

To add another product, just simply create a subfolder(slug) in public_html and go through the whole manual method set up.

My page will then look like this:

Same goes with other different products on my domain that will appear as

You may also check this link on how to install additional presell pages for the manual method.

Or create a subdomain to add additional pages, you can check this link on how to set up subdomains.

Oh Wow, that sounds soooo technical, but I think I can do it. Thanks for the quick reply. I will let you know how it works out for me.

Ok, so I went to my website and I see what you are talking about, however I did a lot of work setting up my website before I added the presell page. I wanted presell page to be be addressed But I just followed the basic directions. How do I adjust that, without having to delete everything and go through that frustrating process all over again. Where can I just add the /SAS from in the BlueHost site, then the future presell pages I add I will know to include the (/) ?

I too followed every single step in Johns detailed descriptions and when I went to TEST the link…I received this message.

Oops! That page can’t be found.

It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try one of the links below or a search?

I have gone back through every step and checked that I have all links properly inserted and I have still not figured out why the test doesn’t go to the correct page.
Was so excited to have been able to follow along quite easily with the instructions!
UGH can’t proceed until I CONQUER this set up properly!


Hi @bigrognyc

I’m getting started myself but i relise there’s a updated video in the course.
Hope that might help.

I’d like to move forward in this lesson but I’m at a standstill with understanding why this link test didn’t work. Can someone help me?

Hi @bigrognyc. Has this issue of yours been resolved? If not, are you trying to replace /test as your presell page? So instead of you want it to be Is that correct?

Hi @dianemdunn58. In order for the presell page to work using the manual method.
You have to click on the publick_html folder inside the file manager(you can click it twice to be sure you are inside the folder). Then add a folder that will be your ‘test’ folder and from that folder, upload the SAS presell page. Let’s just take the screenshot below as an example. It should be uploaded inside the public_html as a subfolder.

Thank you for this visual. Did I miss this step in the lesson with John??? I don’t recall this?

Hi @bigrognyc, I think I get what you mean. This is pretty much what I want to do. I want to have my normal website with an about me page, a privacy policy page etc and then my domain-name/saspage will be a part of my normal main domain as such. So I was also looking for a way to tie the domain-name/saspage to my main website. At this point I was thinking of creating an opt in form on my main page offering the presell page as the lead magnet if you understand what I mean.