Manual Method Purpose

Can anyone tell me what the purpose of the manual method teaching? Like what is it for? What do we do with it after we set it up? I set mine up and completed it but what do I do next? When and what do I use it for? Any help is appreciated thanks

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The manual method is an option for getting your presell page up on your website if you cannot afford or do not wish to use Clickfunnels.

Once you have your page up, you need to start advertising it to generate traffic to your website.

The training in week 3 covers advertising in Google ads.

Thank u. So if we can afford CF that’s probably more of a preference of what we should use correct?

Clickfunnels is an easy way to get your presell pages up and also create new funnels for advertising other products where the vendor does not provide landing pages.

Hope these help :slight_smile:

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