Making a choice need some help

i have now tried since august started on shopify then whent over now to clickfunnels and sas and a few other i have spent over 7000 $ between education and advertising and or nowhere. I am very very new in this industry the language is not settling with me either.
1.Now I have a question should i continue with clickfunnels that costs so much
2.should i continue with sas. and the other.
3. do i use my clickbank affiliate link only in youtube if i do that then it only has a link and not the email and name box which could be used to get emails.

how do other make sales within 2 day !!! what do they do that i did not do i am following word and step by step

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Hi Charmaine. for your questions:

  1. Perhaps try Thrive architect? Check out next week’s live training webinar to see me use it live.
  2. Well, I’m not very objective here… but YES, SAS is the key to your success.
  3. I’m not sure I understand your question here, do try to clarify?
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I would recommend Thrive Themes and if you really need a payment gateway for you funnels, Thrive Cart (which is another product).

Thrive Themes is great productivity and with the new Thrive Themes product coming out in March, this will really take the product theme to another level.


Hi frygeld…
Builderall is a complete system that has great functionality built into it…

It’s called " BuilderAll "

~ Sean