Mail Chimp and collecting email(s)

Hi Folks - In week 4/5 of the training and i am thinking I may have missed something along the way about gathering email contacts / mail chimp and follow ups.
I have rewatched my sequence of videos and it is alluded to but never discussed and they watched @IlyaG 's replay of the forum and he too alludes to it.
How where and when should I be collecting email / contacts and why i get the purpose - How do I do that follow up???
I have watched a couple other youtube and clickbank videos and the emphasize it: So my question is where did I miss it? Point me back to the right section please or is there something in the knowledge base I can read and review.

Hi Allan, actually autoresponders and building an email list is not something that is covered in the course as this is something of an advanced feature, and requires good understanding of the basics first, before going that way.

However i’ve created a video that shows the process with mailchimp ad clickfunnels, you may find that useful.

Aweber is John’s recommended Autoresponder (and the one I am using).

Also you can refer to our latest email-marketing special event sequence, where lots of details are discussed.

Thanks @IlyaG
That helps - I really am not ready to dive into deep end yet. I will save that for later.

Hi @IlyaG

Thanks so much for the video that you created, it really helped. a quick question though please, can I use that same method for any other affiliate product I find on Clickbank or do I have to get the permission of the vendor first before adding a box (where I can collect e-mails)?