Lets Start this Journey!

My name is Stuart, I am from Utah and I am brand new at this. So I am excited to get going. I am a project manager at an architecture firm. I have a wife and 3 kiddos that keep me busy.


Hi Stuart,

Welcome to this amazing community. I am new to this too, but it is good to know we got a whole community looking after us and supporting us on this journey.

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Hi Stuart. I’m Maria, from Costa Rica and ready to start. Good luck.

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Hi! I’m Mark, from Italy. I’m new here, we are a big community, let’s grow together!!!

Awesome Stuart @stuarthoffman55 :sunglasses:
We are very happy to welcome you to the SAS family! Congratulations to this new journey…this is a great step and it can be the big turning point in your life! It’s up to you and your determination. If you are really in to make this happen, it will! So let’s roll up the sleeves and take action!
The most important advice I have for you right now is to engage with our community. It is filled with ambitious and experienced marketers, who are all willing to share their knowledge with you. So I really suggest you keep yourself surrounded with these wonderful people, who will help and motivate you throughout the course. Of course this also implies that you try to help others whenever you can. This way you guys can make the learning process so much more efficient and of course also more fun! Go for it and connect with everyone!
Another great source for instructions and tutorials is our Help Desk. Whenever you have a question, go search for here and you will most likely be able to find the answer.
Thursday is the day you want to mark in your calendar - go attend our weekly live trainings with my colleague Ilya. But if you are busy, you can of course also watch the replay videos.
One more thing - we are currently having our “Build your presell page” contest, where all our SAS members have the chance to win wonderful giveaway prizes. All you need to do is to put in a little not of extra work - it’s going to be worth it, I promise you!
Be tenacious and enjoy the start of the course, Stuart! Have a nice Easter with your wife and the 3 kiddos - and all of you, please stay safe :blush:

Welcome to this group. Looks like you already have your “why”. I wish you luck on your venture.