Launched My First Solo AD

Hi everyone,

I launched my first solo AD two days ago with a biz opp. It was a ruff start at first when I was rejected by one seller. I tried to offer sqribble and then a biz opp. The seller respond, not for my list with both offers. I followed Llya step-by-step training closely but should have realized everyone probably trying to do Sqribble from the demonstraton. LOL I should have thought outside of the box and changed the offer from the start. SMH

But I didn’t look at those rejections as a failure. I never give up on anything. LOL

I finally found one seller for the biz opp. and I was happy with the results although I haven’t received any sales. The seller over delivered. I received 13 order form payment impressions. I believe that means those individuals clicked on the order for payment but didn’t follow all the way through with the payment.

On to the next solo ad test in between my training sessions. I love this training. Don’t get discouraged everyone, keep plugging and thinking outside of the box and something will hit.



Hi there,

I created my first pre-sell page too and I have used one of the SAS templates for it.
The problem is, I want to know where the payment will come if someone orders it and how do I keep track.
I want to use my presell page for solo ads on Udimi but I want to know if I make any sales, where will I receive the commissions and how?