Landing Page in Module 2

Hey Guys,

I’m confused…I’ve looked at a couple of other courses and everyone else focusses on the importance of building the mailing list. It’s like the most important thing because you can then send them follow-up emails and promote other products.

So why is it that in this system they actually DELETE the opt-in box from the landing page??? Surely no…
Especially when we had to PAY for the lead, no?

So we pay for the lead, send the lead to JC and then if nothing comes of it we’ve wasted our money?

Sorry to sound controversial…

Hi @aliabdellatif376, we did not actually delete the opt-in form on the sales page. The sales page doesn’t really have an opt-in form, since even non-members can use the sales page by generate a hoplink through affiliate networks. And adding an opt-in form to your presell page will give you and our members/students an advantage among other affiliates.

If you have not added an opt-in form to your presell page, John follows up with people that leave early or don’t watch after signing up so some may convert at a later date.

When someone clicks your hop link, a cookie is placed on their browser which is valid for 60 days. And for as long as the customer does not click another user’s hop link, clear their browser, or change devices/browsers, you will be credited with the sale.

Hi SAS support. Thank you very much for your reply.

However, it is not clear unfortunately.

If you follow the video where Ilya sets up the first landing page for the product Sqribble, he actually says ‘we aren’t collecting emails here’ and deletes the opt-in boxes. The same goes for Johon’s page…yes we do get a commission if they buy, but we get no chance to send follow-ups to the same lead because they haven’t opted in to our own autoresponder.

This may be the style of teaching and I cannot judge fully because I haven’t completed the course yet but it seems almost as if John is just recruiting everyone to sell his products with no benefit to us in the long term (only short term if the lead buys).

Clearly John collects email addresses, as I wouldn’t have signed up to this course if he didn’t, so why is this not being taught? Or perhaps I’m being premature as I haven’t progressed through the course fully yet.

Regardless, is there any objection to us placing our own opt in box and integrating it to our mailing lists if we know how?

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Hi there Sas Support Staff,
I do have the same concern & views that aliabdelallatif376 have… I just bought 100 clicks from udimi and have them promoted to SAS presell page last 2 weeks… hopefully there’ll be conversions.
However it would be so much more fruitful if I could send other promotions to those clicks and turn them to leads & eventually become my customers.
Is it possible that the system forward me the emails of those who opted in the SAS presell page? Or can I request for it?

As you suggested that if we put our own opt-in page to the presell page, can we still have john’s followup emails still running as well?

Hey guys. I am seeing a lot of confusion regarding email marketing. Here is the thing.

eMail marketing is great because it is free traffic. So once you have these emails, you can market to them offers recurringly (is that a word?) without having to “pay” for them again. But in order for this to work, you will need an autoresponder, and a TON of high-converting emails and let’s face it, most of us are not great copywriters, nor do we have the cash to hire one. Using the same exact email-swipes that others use for the same product is laughable. I cannot tell you how many marketers send me the exact same email trying to sell me Russell Brunson’s book. Even the subject titles are the same.

But I digress. The point of SAS is not to establish an email marketing business (although it is a natural progression). The point of SAS is to create a highly targeted (and optimized) ad -> which points to a bridge page of some kind (advertorial, splash page, or pre-sell page) -> and then off to the product sales page. If you want to add a capture page to start building a (list), feel free … but all we are really focusing on at this stage of our careers is AD -> PRESELL -> SALES.

Once you have measurable results, you can then invest in the resources it takes to do PROPER email marketing.

Hope that helps!