Kingsville, Ontario in the house!

Hi everyone!

My name is Will Krahn and I am fired up to be here! I am currently a traveling game show host and at the exact moment I find myself in Montgomery, AL. I actually dabbled with affiliate marketing a really, really long time ago with a program called “The Rich Jerk”. I know this system works and the sky is the limit because I actually had a bit of success years ago but unfortunately fell off the path. My goals are to be completely done with the gypsy lifestyle, return to my home, put down some roots, marry the woman I am deeply in love with, consistently earn $25K+/month, meet and have lunch/dinner with Tony Robbins, buy a huge chunk of land in the county and build a modest, but kick ass, house with a massive pond for my pontoon, travel anywhere I want with my love, play hockey in the winter, give back as much as I can to those in need and overall just be a positive influence and help motivate other people. I know we just met but I love you guys :kissing_heart:

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Hi Will,

cool to hear your story. I just started as well with this amazing program, I like the way it is being taught!
Hit me up if you ever need any help!


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Welcome to the Super Affiliate System!

We’re looking forward to your contribution to an already active and fantastic forum community! :slight_smile:

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Thanks William, support from this community is one of the most important keys to being successful, much appreciated…cheers!