Keep the success going

Week 1 was a success. My Facebook ad was approved quickly (I think it helped that I already had a business account from my previous blog sight). I did have a little trouble with the Badges. I learned a valuable lesson: READ THE INSTRUCTION/DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY. I didn’t and it delayed the process, then the wrong week badge was incorrectly approved (had to correspond to get corrected and then had to wait for that correction), and then finally I got everything corrected and approved. Whew, that was a hard and arduous lesson to learn; but, once I learn it, I don’t forget it.

Some things I’ve learned in my 56 years is to always be willing to learn, don’t try to re-create the wheel (rather do EXACTLY as those who have already successfully created it), don’t think you know anything (much less everything), and don’t question everything (loosen up,use some common sense, & keep trying).
When you’re waiting for things to be approved, take time to read&chat with the community. A lot of the ?s you may have now or down the road may have been already asked and answered for you. Take lots of notes and be friendly.

Best of luck to all of you and may you all find success. S.H.


Best of Luck @Pusansk Mam i really appreciate you are grinding the situation and learning,earning is a diffrent thing but if you are learning then 1000% you will EARN.

Again best of luck and Keep Moving,When we have a a GURU who is Cheetah @John_Crestani we don’t have to worry just follow the steps.

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Happy to have you with us! :slight_smile:

Congratulations on completing week 1 @Pusansk. I just did also, but I am having trouble getting my Facebook ad approved. No bother, I know I will get it done if I stay focused.
Thank you for your encouraging words. They remind us to stay the course.

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Amen to that. Thanks and keep it going. S.H.

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Thank you Sabrina. Thanks again for all the support and assistance you gave to me. S.H.

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Yes, definitely keep the positive attitude. Also, make sure to check the community discussions about FB, you may discover others who are/were having the same problem. Good luck and continued success! S.H.

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It worked (the positive attitude)! Rebuilt the ad and it was approved the second time! Super stoked, I’m calling this a win.