Just Started M9 - Have Not Started Any Campaigns

Hey Everyone,

I have just started module 9. I believe this is my 5th week since purchasing the training course. I am hoping to complete it within the next two weeks.

How many students are starting their campaigns before completing the training course? No right or wrong with doing this.

I have chosen to wait until I complete the training courses because I am more of a planner and like to know every aspect of the training before starting. My plans are to sort my notes (kind of like a vision board) to follow the step-by-step processes from the training.

I won’t try to be perfect like John said not to be. But follow all of the steps until I can remember them in my sleep. :smile: Also, do the A/B testing and making sure the 6 elements are in my presell pages.

I wish all the newbies like myself success. Remember, not to give up when faced with challenges but to keep making those changes and reaching out for help like Ilya and John continually tells us.


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@keenajohnson of course you will success, remember no failure in this business, its either we success or we learn. You only failed when you give up.

Wow @keenajohnson, this is great!

Keep this positive mindset and attitude at all times and you will hopefully soon be able to create your own successful internet business :rocket: