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Johns Resources / Targeting Data for FB. Has anyone used for Facebook?


Has anyone been able to use the targeting data to upload with Facebook yet?

Many I misunderstood - isn’t the targeting data in the resources meant for us to use for platforms like Facebook?

I was trying to use a few email lists to create FB audiences for my ADs and targeting. Here is what Facebook told me today.

  1. FACEBOOK Support said that email and country is NOT enough data to upload a CSV file (attached is the error when trying to do so)

  2. FACEBOOK Support said you need as much information as possible, like name, phone number, city etc (currently we only have email and country - apparently this is not enough data for file upload)

From Facebook Chat
" in order to have a saved audience of customer files we recommend as many Columns or Identifiers as possible for example, Name, phone number, city are all things used to match them to their Facebook Profiles. This Facebook Help Article explains how to Use a Customer List to make a Custom Audience: Where as this Facebook Help Article discusses How to Format Customer Lists:"

JC support (IIya), if you can help here and respond to this on the next steps and if we can get more data?