I've just placed my first ever solo ads

So excited Just placed my first ever solo ads on Udimi :crossed_fingers::laughing: :laughing: :boom:

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Congratulation :star_struck:

Awesome work !!! Wishing you many sucsess !!

Can you please assist, I am trying to create my standalone presell page, however in Bluehost, I do not see the option of “Advanced” as stated in the step by step video.

Can youadvise where you navigated within Bluehost to access this?

Your assistance would be very much appreciated :pray:

Thank you

Hi Mary Unfortunately my Blue Host website is still in limbo after the online assistant set it up for me with an incorrect email address and sent my welcome email with user name etc to the incorrect email address, the told me they cant correct it it because the account is now my responsibilty! Anyway I am in discussions with them and I’m sure they will find a way to sort it for me.

I used Adzilla. Show Me Watch the How To video in Module 2 to set up your Adzilla account. In the pages section you will find a SAS Pro Presell page alreday loaded for you.
However with mine, when I tested it, the Presell would not connect to the Sales page which was already loaded in for us.
So I used the Module 2 Show Me How to video to load a fresh version of the SAS Pro Survey page from Templates into the Pages file and boom, It all worked beautifully. I think all the info was in the Adzilla video.
Try this, let me know if you get it set up. If you are still stuck I will try to help you.
I got 132 ClickBank hops from my first solo ad on Udimi :clap:. No sales yet but the seeds are planted :grin:

Hi Paul,
Thank you for your reply, really appreciate your time in responding and your guidance.
I’ve just kept moving forward with the training, I engaged a Solo Ad on Udimi, had a lot of clicks but no conversions.
Created a Google Ad and I was fortunate to get 1 conversion from this, which is exciting.
Still not sure how this works because the sale came from Singapore and I never put Singapore as a country location, so it just goes to show that the reach is sometimes greater than we realise.
I’m thinking maybe someone forwarded the Ad link to a friend, who knows.
Nevertheless, have set up Adzilla and all other sites, just need to wrap my head around all of this.
I look forward to sharing some of your successes along the way and know this is definitely one of the best programs I’ve done from my past experiences.
Have a great day, chat soon
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I find it really concerning that the only people that seem to reply to question’s on this forum are other newbies… am I wrong? Who helps us on here?? I too still get weird Adzilla issues when I try to log in, though it seems fine at the moment (finger’s crossed). I have 2 landing pages created, and need to buy a solo ad on Udimi, but am wondering how to make sure I’m following all of the right affiliate guidelines set by the product company, and, to make sure I am checking all the right thing’s on the Udimi list owner I choose. Our coaching call’s are not long enough to make hardly any progress in a week, they really should be an hour.

Hope everyone else is doing great! Anxious to get this moving! :slight_smile:

Hey Oneplanet007,

I’m stuck on module 2 where the show me video is saying not to click on the fast clickfunnel. The site he recommended is not available and so I am not sure what to do at this point. How did you move past this?

I am getting ready to start my first Udimi Ad and the Video in Module 3 states to pick top tier countries and No Mobil Phones. I found a few email promoters, one does not have the option for No Mobil phones - her minimum is 150 clicks - cost per click is 0.59 cents, she can start on the ad March 21 - cost is $86.00.

The other promoter has the Top Tier and No Mobil Phones as an option and this raises the price considerably - his minimum is 175 clicks and the cost $1.08/click with the No mobile phone option (includes a 17% discount) cost $187.00; without the Mobil Phone option the price is $99.50.

I am curious what what your experience is with the Mobil phone option if you are clicking the No option or if you are allowing Mobil phones for clicks.

Thanks in advance.