It's Never too Late

Hello - my name is Sonja - I live in Mea, AZ and have lived in Arizona for 62 years. I’m married (54 years), have 2 children, 9 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren. With all of the information - I’m not as old as you might believe - I’m very young at heart, great health, great marriage, and amazing family.

I have dabbled in a lot of things online and offline. I have been self-employed for decades - opened several brick & mortar businesses, am a counselor/coach, very familiar with technology and am excited to learn more via affiliate marketing.

My purpose (why) I chose SAS is to supplement our income - we did not do a good job of “saving & investing”. I believe it’s not too late to create a million dollar business and life thus allowing my husband to leave a job he dislikes. Also, we would love to travel, have financial independence, have more fun, meet new people in our travels.

I’m excited to be in this community - I can already feel that there are a lot of really good people. Hope to get to know you.


Welcome to the journey Sonja!

Hi Sonja, Loved reading your profile and background and our own is remarkably similar. Look forward to hearing about your success with the SAS program, best of luck ! Ian & Huia Moffat Australia

Welcome, Sonja!!

Hope to get to know you too!!

Thanks AJ - same here - I feel like getting to know people on this platform is crucial. Let’s make it happen.


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Hi Sonja,
Welcome to SAS. I am new here myself trying to learn affiliate marketing and make a success of it. I am here to gain financial security and a more flexible lifestyle. I love your optimistic outlook and yes, it is never too late. As someone said, age is just a number. Wish you success in your endeavors. Thanks.


Welcome to the group Sonja. You’re right, it’s never too late to succeed! :slight_smile:

Hello Sonja,

It’s very nice to meet you. Good for you for continuing your journey!!!


Hello Sonja. I really want to get to know you as you seem to be very much like myself. Congratulations on so many grandchildren. I am in my 70s too and have two children both on 40s and only 1 darling 12 year old grandchild. Yes you guested it , he is the joy of my life. Sadly my husband passed away in 2001 quite suddenly and unexpectedly but we had 34 years together. I have been in education most of my life and spent 25 years as the Deputy Principal of a very good senior girls school. Been retired around five years and I also want to build more disposable income to supplement what I have. Inflation has reduced the real worth of the retirement funds.
I am not computer or technologically savvy. Have managed to set up from the videos up to the link. You may be able to assist me.with my current problem. I have found linking from SAS produces only a template and so I opened and managed the first page but then there seems to be no resemblance to the pages on the video. I am stumped. Love to hear from you. Kind regards Patricia Murfitt