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Is anyone having success?

I have been at it for over 3 months and have still not made a saleā€¦ Id love to hear from some people who are having success and what they are doing to accomplish it.

Thanks for boldly sharing, truth is I have been at it for much longer than you and not successful, but I have learned a ton, as truth is I think paying for a mentor is what might have helped me as my way was to post ads, learn, redo classes as frankly the Google interface and other things changing compared to the SAS video classes probably caused me to struggle too much as I am one who follows maps and most of the time the interface changes got me off the path - and TRUTH being I needed to be more disciplined and make sure even if not succeeding to plot out how to over the challenges - meaning if 2 hours a day was what I have - then do it, but again when I get frustrated I move on to other things, MY WEAKNESS. My point is I think those that stick with it can succeed, HOWEVER, I think few make the big bucks like John or probably Ilya as I think he has done well - so setting reasonable goals was another thing I needed to do. my email is entrepreneurplyler@gmail. com if you want to converse another time, - I will not fail as I have four new ads, rehashes of pass failures that go out this weekend so I will be at it more disciplined. God Bless, SORRY I RAMBLED ON but I sense like you I wondered what is wrong with me, it is hard - OTHERWISE everyone would succeed and that would ruin the opportunity. See the good in it being real hard!

Which Module are you doing right now? Are you doing the work while you study the Module?
So far I am doing everything, now is the time to see if this worksā€¦ I am doing the SOLO emails this week,
I did the BlueHost and ClickFunnel
What about you?