Introduction of myself!

Hi everyone,
My name is Jean-Patrick and want to introduce myself to the group as a new member of the SAS. I am based in Naples, FL and am currently a case manager for a mental health facility.
I am super exited to be a part of this group and to follow each foot steps to make it work for myself. The main reason why i joined SAS is to build the knowledge of affiliate marketing and to also build wealth while i am learning everything. I wish all of you good luck and for myself and my family, a brighter journey.


Hi there, @pjeremien! It’s good to finally see you here.

We hope that we’ll be able to help you gain knowledge of affiliate marketing. Which I am certain that you will.

Make sure to visit our knowledgebase, we have lots of helpful articles and info there.

And register for our weekly webinars if you haven’t yet. Every week we have a live Q&A session where you can ask questions, as well as a special training session where we’d be going over a chosen subject. . Here you can find the outline and replays of the latest sessions.

We wish you the best of luck with your affiliate marketing business.

Hello Jean-Patrick @pjeremien, I am convinced you have come to the right place to get exactly what you need to achieve your goals! You seem to be a convinced team player, therefore I’d like to emphasise again that connecting with the rest of the community could be the one decisive benefit you need to master the art of affiliate marketing in no time!
I am looking forward to see and hear from you!
Good luck and please enjoy the training - there is no passion without enjoyment! :rocket:
PS: Please upload a profile picture.