Intro to the first day of a new beginning

Hi, my name is Jerry and I’m 54 yrs old. I worked construction for almost my entire life. I finished drywall for 27 years until I blew out both my shoulders and needed surgery on both of them. However because the right side didn’t heal properly after surgery they decided not to do the other one yet so I would have one good arm. For some reason disability seems to think I can still perform other jobs, but they don’t realize nobody will hire someone already hurt. Long story short that was 3 1/2 yrs ago. I haven’t been able to work much since then. Just enough to survive. That’s when I began affiliate marketing. I haven’t made any sales even though I’ve built a substantial list of subscribers by giving away free stuff. I could just never pick the right product even though I knew what they wanted, unless they were just wanting free stuff. So I know all the aspectcs involved, I just need to know them better and maybe even differently and I’m completely open to feedback from anyone so feel free to resond back to any of my message. There’s never a bad comment on the road to success.