In Manual Presell Page Set Up, Where Does John Get the Final Link to Test it out From?

I signed up for click funnels and had it download the automatic-is way, and I got the same message (similar message I should say), where Click Magick sent me an email saying that the link to John’s site was broken. I downloaded it 3 times, making sure that the last time, I didn’t tough anything but still got the message.

Anyways, I’m on week 3 and trying to soak up everything possible in regard to where to get the link from once done and ready to test, but I didn’t see where he copied it from. Watched the video twice to make sure but still nothing.

Please help


Hi Kalia, I’m not sure what you downloaded and which link was broken. Do you mind dropping us an email to [email protected] and explain the problem, with attached screenshot/s so we can assist as fast as possible?