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Improvement suggestion

Would it be possible to have chat option because my time is valuable and sitting around waiting on a support person to get back to me is problematic for all parties. I cannot proceed on the trainings until I have some form of resolution.
For example it took me 4-5 days to even be able to access one of the videos. When we have issus we should be able to IM or chat with someone in that moment versus compliling a list of barriers and trying to remember all the glitches which is fragmenting the training.
I went step by step to set up a solo ad, but I when I clicked to add the subject and body, only the subject shows up, but no body. I am completely not making much progress and at moments so frustrated. Those in support who have reached out to me have been helpful and nice to me, but then I find myself once again, running into a barrier and then at standstill. The forums for some reason doesn’t have much participation from others who are taking the training and the it is not beneficial for me. Would you please consider IM, or chat sessions so that we can outreach, and have someone work with us as we walk through these trainings? I think this would be beneficial to all parties. Treva Powers

We don’t currently have the resources for live chat, but if you need walk throughs, you can email me at and book a call with me via Skype or screen share.

For any marketing related queries, please join the weekly webinars every Thursday at 3pm PST with @AndyStewart and Sara where you can get help with your campaigns.