Images for ads. where are they?

Does anyone know where these ad images are for the ads? Robbie Blanchard didn’t really show where they were.

Hi Phil.

Do you mean to ask which images to use for your Facebook Ad? That depends on which product you are promoting.

If we are talking about John’s system, you would get any images you’d like from John’s YouTube channel, from our resources links:

Or you can use Google to search for “make money online” or “make money from home” or similar keyword combinations, to get engaging photos for your ads :slight_smile:

I’m on week five and as you know this course is pretty vague. Bobby Blanchard is talking about inputting the images and videos from John;s course in the ad. What images and what videos?

Hey Phil, did you read my comment above?
Videos can be found here as well.

Sorry, Are the images there too? I see banner ads with image but that’s it.
Thanks for your help!

Is this one of the images he uses for the facebook ad?