I'm not able to click on Ads Manager

When clicking on the link, it redirects me to Business Manager. Did I do something wrong?

I created a business account, I believe it is required. Once the account is created. I hover above the menu bar and select Ads Manager, but it continues to redirect me back to Business Manager.

If you click business manager you’ll see the ads manager in the drop down :slight_smile:


I wish it was that easy. It’ll continue to redirect me back to business manager. Not allowing me to get into ad manager. Could I have created a wrong account?

Hi - are you getting the drop down menu at all? Can you send us a screenshot of where you are?

Everything works as expected. Except when clicking on Ads Manager, as it’ll continually redirect me back to Business Manager.

I’ve figured it out. To anyone whose experiencing the same issues.

I had to create a business account via FB Business.
After, I had to created and Ad’s account to tie it to FB Business Account. Once created I was able to access Ad’s Manager without it being redirected.