I’ve failed and I couldn’t be more exited!

I started SAS back in January and I have not made a sale to date.

During my time going through the system, I’ve learned and grown as an amateur affiliate marketer, which shouldn’t be overlooked.

While I have learned a TON, I have also been doing this program with one foot in and the other out.

SAS is truly what you put into it and frankly, I didn’t put in enough. You need to use ALL the resources given for this to work, while also going above and beyond. Furthermore, I’ve began to change my life habits to begin to reflect the person I want to be.

I’ve seen many people post success stories in terms of their sales. I’m posting this because I know there are others out there who have not been as lucky. That being said, this post is to let you all know that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep going!

The truth is this is a challenge, however it is possible.

I’m all in!

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Thanks for the motivation. Philihno6.


It sounds like you’ve been developing the right attitude to succeed, Philippe. I hope to see you posting in here soon about your first sale (if I haven’t already missed it as of this reply).
Good luck out there!


I love the quote by Seneca, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”

Stay diligent, take action. This is the magic LUCK formula which has led me to most of my successes.

You got it right @philihno6 It’s not a sprint…it’s a marathon, keep going.
Even once you find success the truth is…you’ll still be in that race :slight_smile:
This is an exciting business and the internet is on the move.

Let’s do this!


Absolutely! It about staying focused.

Hey Kriistos! Thank you it’s definitely been a journey of developing a positive mindset as well.

Still no sale however, my networking has put me in a position where I believe I will be profiting soon!

Let me know how things are going for you as well!


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Not a sale yet and still enjoying it! Keep at it and things will work out, haha!

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Absolutely! One step at a time :ok_hand:t6:

Thanks for the wise words Sara! I’m all in :smile:

i am 2 weeks now still no sales but i am not giving up

Hello @philihno6 and thank you for that great words from you…as its true…one must do the works done before getting to the goals!!