I think i did something wrong after inserting the solo ad, please help

HELLO, i have ordered 100 visitors at udimi from this seller (I insert screenshot) and the ad placed is about Crestani´s SAS, i problem is in clickbank: when i look at the reporting side and click under “hops” and select “BY vendor”, i get Leptitox as a vendors name, but I am promoting SAS, what did i do wrong? I![udimi%20solo|690x387](upload://7LA70sfJI9KXa3Hp


Hi Yolanda! ‘jir2c’ is the vendor’s ID for John’s SAS program, so don’t worry, you are promoting the right product :slight_smile: There were 136 hops, or 136 clicks on your hoplink. Unfortunately there are no sales generated, but don’t forget that the browser cookie stays for 60 days on the potential customer’s browser, therefore any sale that would be made in the future (during John’s marketing email campaign or the customer’s decision to buy) will generate a commission for you. Good luck with the rest of the course!

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Thank you
I am not concerned about jir2c but about leptitox, i have placed the ad for Crestani at udimi as i show in the screenshot, but i do not know why at clickbank shows 1 hop as leptitox, i have been looking at that product and i clicked for generating the link but i do not think i am promoting that product with crestanis ad, i am in doubt.

As you can see, there is only 1 hop for leptitox, therefore you aren’t promoting it, don’t worry. This hop was probably registered when you’ve created your hoplink for that vendor and tried it yourself one time :slight_smile:


Uff! Thanks :sweat_smile:!