I go to Campaigns - Settings but I don't see an option to disable ads for mobile or tablet devices ?

Hi Everyone, i just set up my new ad on Google!

But I’m not able to disable ads for mobile or tablet devices ?
The google ad setup is different process setup than the video in week 3 training.

Any suggestions, thanks.

Hey Oscar @oscar_castillo_777,
please read through this thread - it should answer your question :+1:

@oscar_castillo_777 Try this… Log in to your Google Ads account. Scroll down and look for devices on the left side of your screen. Click it and adjust the bid on the device you want excluded in your campaign.

***To opt out of showing ads on a certain device, decrease your bid by 100% for that device. If you’ve decreased a campaign’s bid by 100% for a particular device, then the ad group-level adjustment for the same device won’t be used.



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I dont see devices right there…what do i do to see it.

not working for me