How to upload presell page on Bluehost


I’m trying to upload the presell page on Bluehost on my Mac using Safari browser.

I have 2 questions:

  1. In John’s manual pdf it shows a Zip file but there is no Zip. Attaching the view I have, shows 3 files, so should I upload all three or just the html?

  2. Also, how do I publish the website? In case someone is familiar with bluehost wordpress?


Does anyone know how to “Publish” the website after adding the manual Presell page on wordpress?

I have seen a few customers using Macs who have had the files automatically unzip.

You will need to locate the zipped file to upload to Bluehost File Manager.

Once done, make sure to go to your control panel in WP and launch the site.

Thank you Sabrina, this was helpful, it works.

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