How to tie website to presell page

Hi @IlyaG or anyone else at support

I have a website with wordpress installed and wanted to create an about me page, privacy policy page etc. I also have the SAS presell page, which I installed manually. My question is how can I tie the manual presell page to my domain url in wordpress itself as a page the same way an about me page would look…eg - myurl/about-me I want that page to be included in the wordpress site? Is it possible at all? Does it even need to be tied to the main website or am I reading too much into this?

I hope I am making sense…

Hi @Santo, I’m trying to figure out your question, but I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it. I apologize. Do you mean, you already have a domain and a SAS presell page on your domain, let’s say, and you are asking if you can add or do an about me page for your domain and will look like, Is that it?

Hi @lizette1
No, I’ll try to explain better. I have my and I have an about me page, disclosure page etc and they all have their own url like These pages can all be found when you visit my website. Now I have my manual presell page set up which is My question is does this page need to be inserted into wordpress anywhere at all or are these kinds of pages ones that we use from time to time to promote so they don’t need to be tied to the wordpress site at all? I think I may be overthinking this whole thing…

My main reason for asking is because sometimes I come across a page like that for example and then I delete the /saspage part in my browser so that I can get to see what the website is all about and who the person is, so I feel that my presell page needs to basically be the same niche as what my website is all about. I mean my website is in the bizzopp niche but it would be strange then if I used one of John’s dog training pre sell pages because if someone did exactly what I mentioned above, they would expect to come across a dog website not a bizz opp website and then I may lose credibility?

Hello Santo,
May I ask what the end resolve was for this?