How to change the devices options on Google ads

I tried to to change the devices option and the Google ads but it look different than the one that’s John shows us what can help with the new update for Google ads

Hi there! Yesss, google change their layout way too often :frowning: please understand we canno re-shoot the videos every time :slight_smile: We will be updating the course soon though of course, as the changes occur!

Follow these instructions to target devices on the new layout:

  1. Select Campaigns in the type list.
  2. Select one or more campaigns. If you select multiple campaigns, your changes apply to all selected campaigns.
  3. Next to “Devices” in the edit panel, click Edit Edit.
  4. Choose one of the options below:
  • Option 1: Select All available devices . This option removes any previous operating system or carrier targeting settings.
  • Option 2 (only for Display and video campaigns): Select Let me choose… to target certain operating systems, then choose specific versions and carriers.
  1. Click OK .

Hope this helps, and have a wonderful weekend! Remember to rest a little :slight_smile:

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@llyag, Could you possibly add some Screen shots?

It doesn’t show on the side

nobudy know how i should do it