How important is it that my URL reflect my product category

I already have a registered domain through godaddy, it’s my artist name (.com) I’m wondering if I can use this website as my starting website for Module 2?


Since the URL isn’t necessarily specific to anything but my art, if I should just purchase another domain?

Does the URL need to reflect the product I’m promoting? How important is it that it does?

I’m pretty new myself, but here’s my opinion: Your domain name is not super important. Most customers will surely ignore it. I would not reflect the product in any case: you will be trying to market many products over time. I would not reflect the niche unless you want to stay in that niche forever. I chose LinksToBetter.Life for my domain name. It is a sort of generic name for marketing online products. On my default page, which I bet no one will ever visit (unless I choose to make ads for it (but fee free to have a glance)) I have a link to each product I promote (so far only one, looking for number 2 now.) Finally, you do not have to buy a new domain name. If you use SAS Page Builder, SAS will sign you up for one domain name that you choose, no charge. I would expect this is true for Adzilla also (I have not moved over to Adzilla myself yet, so unsure: you can ask [email protected] for sure.) Hope this helps.

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Hey Fuggy and perfwise! Your discussion interests me a lot as I have been wondering the same thing.
perfwise Makes sense. :+1: