How does the avg/conversion on Clickbank work?

I’ve finished Mod 3, I took the action and I made a sale. Wonderful . Even though, I don’t understand the way that the sale works. I promote a product which says that I can make $50 avg/conversion on Clickbank marketplace. The reality,I made $17 for one sale. Why I didn’t get the $50 for the sale? So can someone explain how does it work? the $avg/conversion that was shown in the marketplace is not the real amount money that I can get when I made a sale?
Thanks for answering.

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Hi there, @ramanonintso.

I understand the confusion.

You may have promoted a product with an upsell.

The avg $/conversion is the average commission that an affiliate earns for each conversion to the vendor’s offer, which includes the earnings from all sales (initial sales, upsells, and rebills).

The commission you have received may probably be just the initial sale and no upsell or rebills yet.

I hope this helps.

yes, I see this amount in the initial sale. I don’t understand then what is initial sale, upsells and rebills? How do I know about that? Where do I need to go to learn about these terms?

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You can check this article for more information and details about CB marketplace stats, @ramanonintso . :grinning:

Upsell is any additional product the vendor offers after. You will get a commission on that one too. Or, if the product is a subscription where the costumer pays a monthly bill, you get a commission every month as well.