How do i lower CPC (COST PER CLICK) for Google Ads?

Hi Everyone,

I just set up my google ads, and I was wondering how do i lower my CPC for my bidding ?
I’m paying $2 - $4 per click which is quite expensive!:laughing:

Here’s an article on how to reduce high CPC - What all you need to do to reduce high Cost per Click in AdWords?

Hi @oscar_castillo_777! CPC’s can be as low as .20 up to 4.00 - you want to stay below that

There is no set way to lower your CPC, sometimes it takes trying different things to get a lower cost.

The article of Dinesh that @roeleliot posted is a great article that goes over ways to lower your Cost Per Click.

Hope that helps!

Hey @roeleliot,

:+1: Thanks i read the article and it helped!

On my other online amazon business i’m paying low as $0.14 per click for Amazon sponsored ads.
I will have to test & do keyword research.

Cool! thanks for the hit up.

Will work on it.

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