How can a clients FB pixel on their website work alongside MT's advertising?

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Let’s say a client doesn’t have fb pixel installed on their website.

You could easily find this out by downloading the FB pixel helper application off chrome store for free and everytime you visit a person’s website a little box on the top of your screen would either be blue or not blue. That way you could tell if client’s website has FB pixel installed.

A great selling point when trying to convince people to buy into Marketing Tech would be (let’s say they don’t have FB pixel installed) that I could help them install the code on their site and then talk about how MT would work alonside this FB pixel and gather data about website visitor’s and retarget them on FB or even Google ads if you download the google pixel. This way we could retarget website visitors with their ads. The more people see their ads the more they are to buy. This is a great benefit to sell to the customer.

Now…how could MT’s algorithm function work alongside their FB pixel, which I would help them install on their site, be used, to retarget people who have visited the client’s website.

You could sell retargeting of people on FB or even Google ads (with Google pixel installed too on their site) to the client. They would love this idea. Its a great benefit to the customer.

How could Marketing Tech’s advertising be used alonside the client’s FB pixel.

An in depth explanation would be soooooo helpful.

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Any help is sooo miuch appreciated. Thank you again!!!