How are your ads result

I have my google search and display ads running for 2 days.
I have 12574 impression and 52 clicks, no conversion.
My YouTube ads also running sofa I have got 965 impression and 559 views 2 clicks.
Has anyone got sales?


Not yet. Are you still doing the program? Did it ever work out for you?

Hey Guys! I believe you have been following John’s step by step process with not much results, let’s clear some stuff up!

John gives the customers EVERYTHING they need in terms of links, discounts, tools and education, however you do have a part in that process and without actual work and some dedication, it would be hard to succeed.

The marketing world is an ever-changing environment! Something that worked yesterday doesn’t necessarily works today

The goal of our program is not only to show you step by step how affiliate marketing is possible and what are the best practices, but to teach you the process so you can apply everything John and the team provide as a true independent marketer and business owner, to learn yourself how to find products, how to build your own website and how to advertise your products, to generate commissions. The practices shown on our course, along with all the support and tools we offer (which are TONS), are there to pave your way to becoming a successful marketer and reach your financial goals. You are never alone on that process, the support team, John and the other users are there, until the moment you make your first commission, which you can then turn to hundreds.

We have various tools that can assist you on your way to success, this includes our weekly live webinars 1 with Sara and our advertising experts, our knowledge base, which contains many articles and video tutorials to expand your knowledge and diversify your skillset, and our forum, where you can exchange information and ideas with the support team, with our coaches and with other members.

I’m sure we can get you up and going soon and first results are definitely in the horizon, just follow along with John’s course and you’ll soon put everything in place

Here’s 1 one tutorial for a quick presell page building process, if you want to practice

I love the weekly webinars, myself. There’s always something new to learn. Gradually I’ll be able to do all this stuff. I did try an add without much success. But I am going to do some more learning, and then spend some on ads again later. I learned to get a pre-sell page up in a subdomain of my word press site. Probably next, I need to get an “About Us” page up and figure out the opt-in thing. But my site did get looked at in google.
-carol brooks