How are you generating your ideas

Hello everybody. I know that some of you might have your reservations for sharing your methodologies and/or tactics as that might potentially create unnecessary competition.

That said, how are you distilling your initial affiliate marketing niche ideas down to your finalized niche idea? Would you mind sharing your process for how you arrived at the niche you decided on?

I often here people speaking about ‘starting with your passion’ and, ‘Ok, I get that. It makes sense,’ buuuut I watched a video the other day and this fellow stumbled across an idea for candy making molds or something along those lines. He admitted that didn’t have a passion for candy making (and neither do I, hence my sharing that idea here), and that the idea came to him in an email from Amazon because he is apparently on one of their email lists. They sent him a ‘Would you be interested in,’ email that highlighted several popular ideas selling on the platform at the time.

So, aside from focusing on one’s passion (insert eyeroll here), ‘borrowing’ ideas from platforms like Amazon, Etsy or Pinterest are obvious starting points. Anyone out there brave enough to share some ideas with me (aaaand whichever other members decide to read this post after said reply)?

Thanks in advance and have a great day!