Hi to everyone,

Hi all, This is Manesh joined today to make the dream come true. SAS will do the rest.

Hi @adsundar! Welcome to the SAS family! Looking forward to helping your dream come true. :clinking_glasses:

thank you, SAS really looking forward to learn and implement more so I need your help.

Hi Manesh @adsundar :wink:
First of all Welcome to the SAS family! Second of all, I love your optimism! Indeed the SAS course will provide you with all the tools you need to achieve great success! All it takes now is you willpower and determination to work hard for your success! To make this journey run smoother I highly advice you to connect with our extraordinary community of ambitious and experienced marketers. Sharing knowledge with these great people will take you a long way…this I can promise you! In return this implicates that you should also help others, whenever you can! Together as a team you will always be much stronger!
Other than our community you also have the Help Desk where you can find plenty of tutorials and instructions. So searching through these is always a good first step in finding a solution.
On Thursdays you should not miss to attend our Weekly Live Trainings with my colleague Ilya. He will guide you through selected topics and you can also directly address questions to him in the dedicated Q/A part.
Let me lastly remind you of our current contest “Build your presell page”. You have time till the 10th May to hand in your submission - I highly recommend you participate and use this as a great exercise. If this doesn’t motivate you yet, then let me tell you that we have awesome giveaway prizes, such as cash and free one-on-one training, waiting for you! You certainly mustn’t let this chance slip! :muscle:
Once again, we are happy to have you aboard! Now it’s up to you to make the most out of this great opportunity! Stay tenacious and never get distracted! Nothing works unless you do!
Best of luck! :v: