Hi, I'm Sabine Blanchflower, from South India!

I’m a successful ceramic artist working in my studio in the middle of a forest in the international community of Auroville, South India. My goal is to achieve financial freedom, travel, maybe even buy a place in Europe, somewhere by a water body…a nice car, and treat my friends to good times. I’m excited to get started, and a little nervous. There’s a lot to learn!! Bring it on!

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Hi @ange1. Welcome to the SAS family! We’re are looking forward to helping you achieve your goal. :clinking_glasses:

Hello Support Staff! So, at the end of the last two videos about Affiliate networks, he says go and make some money. First I have to create a website, right? Presell pages? I’m waiting to be shown the 5 minute guide as promised to create a website. A website on Bluehost is really expensive! I feel that there are important steps that I’m missing to move forward…! Any idieas on how to proceed! I would love to take action, but am facing a bit of a wall!

Hey Sabine @ange1, sorry for the late reply…I am sure you have proceeded a bit with the course in the meantime?! Sometimes the things do not seem so easy at first but then everything suddenly makes a lot of sense as you proceed a bit. Also sometimes you will have to rewatch previous videos a few times to be able to connect things… Anyway let me tell you that it’s absolutely ok to be facing a wall sometimes - but it’s important that you keep motivating yourself, keep trying, go through the stuff again and again…and suddenly you will see clearly what do do and how to do it! I wish you great luck

Thank you BastianS I’m taking notes, and drawing up charts to help me visualize the process as it builds up the different layers! It’s all new to me, so I have to build new neurological pathways in my brain! :sweat_smile: I feel like I’m back in school-and loving it! Thanks for the moral support!:innocent:

Hola Sabine, espero que te superes todos los dias para que puedas lograr esos objetivos.

Hola signior! Non hablo espagnol! But nice to meet you! Good luck! :wink: