Hi, I'm Bastian, the new SAS Community Manager

Hello and what’s up everyone :tada:

My name is Bastian (@BastianS) and I’m super stoked to announce that I’ve joined the team as the new Community Manager and moderator!

I’m here to connect you all so that we can help and learn from one another :wink:


I’ll be assisting you with general questions, providing you with the course resources, informing you about our online events and supporting you with whatever else you need to know :nerd_face:
So let’s start interacting because I can’t wait to find out how I can make your lives easier and help you continue to do amazing things with our Affiliate program :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions you have about the forum. The goal is to make this a joyful platform for sharing information, experiences and questions related to life with SAS.

See you around, Bastian


Welcome Bastian!

Bastian will also be the link between you guys & John himself. He’ll be collecting your feedback, ideas and opinions, to take our community forward and make sure we all prosper together as one strong team!



Welcome Bastian !
Looking for ward to interacting and sharing with you…
` Sean


Howdy! Looking forward to all the cool stuff you’re gonna do! :smiley:

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WELCOME BASTIAN… super stoked. But now we sit with a problem. I can’t join Clickbank because I am in South Africa. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…WHERE TO FROM HERE? Someone said we should use hola vpn which we did. But will it take our Bank details in SA???

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Welcome Bastians, I’m glad you are here :sunglasses::wink:

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Hey, drop me a message to [email protected], ask for it to be escalated to me, I’ll try to help out directly with CB.

Hello Bastin and welcome! Looking forward to the journey!


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Hi Bastian~
Welcome :slight_smile: Looking forward to connecting and learning as well. Love the goal of this being a “joyful platform” - so much more refreshing! :smile:

Have a great day!


Welcome @BastianS to the group!

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Hi llyaG

I’m also waiting for Clickbank Access but Still my account is disabled. You recommend me digistore24 i gone through this network And now i reached to conversion pixel setup session now how to add conversion pixel on Digistore24. I don’t have Clickbank Account.

Hey Ketan, that’s not the correct post for that :slight_smile: Please write to support and we’ll troubleshoot this.

Hi IlyaG, I believe I sent you an email on a question had. Pleased to meet you.

Hi! I’m Jenny from Sydney Australia. Happy to be here!

Hi IIyaG, May I have a list of all the entities links that will start us out with money.
Thank you,

Welcome Bastain!
I look forward to seeing you in the community forum!


Hey @surji, that isn’t the write post for that, PM me or shoot an email to support :slight_smile:



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welcome in the team