Hi i need a little help

i didnt understand the solo ads video, and wich action i need to take with that video???

Hey Noam, I see you are confused…but you still got to give us a bit more information :wink: Please be specific with your question!
Also read this thread-maybe this will help you understand the purpose of solo ads.
Let us know if you need more clarification :+1:

Hey you.

A solo ad is simply asking someone to send an email promoting a product you own or represe t to their list. These ads are bought as “clicks” or views. The jury is still out on how effective they can be… but the video simply encourages you to create your SAS link and promote it via a Solo Ad. You dont need to do it right away… its just a suggestion to get your feet wet in making ads.

@noamazar84 You dont need to do it right away, like @vperez said that is a suggestion, and i agree, so just wait for the next VIDEO or MODULE, but i am not going to do something where i am still not sure or have a lot of questions, because i am sure those questions are going to be answered in the next VIDEO or MODULE, then i will go for it.

Good Luck Everyone :grinning::+1:

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