Hi I am From Ontario Canada

Just a quick introduction. I am from a small city in southern Ontario. I have been affiliate marketing for a few years now mostly using free methods. I am looking forward to learning with the super affiliate system. I am also looking forward to being a part of this community.

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Hello Kerrif Welcome, Nice to meet you, Free methods are nice, and paid methods are a whole different beast, I think you will enjoy them once you learn it, you can pick up anything and just run it. So does save mass amount of time as in comparison to seo work on a site ect.

hey @kerrif, I too am from a small town in southern Ontario… :wave: maybe we neighbours! :grin:

Hi ,

we very well could be what city

yes i am really looking forward to learning about paid traffic thanks chad

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Welcome Kerrif,

All the best to you on your journey with the course. I believe it’s the best program out there for affiliate marketing!

small small town… Hagersville… yes, the infamous Hagersville Tire Fire back in 1990…:fire:

Hello Kerrif,
I have also recently joined only just this morning. I hope you have much success in reaching your goals.

Hi Kerrif. I am also from Ontario but currently escaping the Canadian winter by RVing with my wife in Florida. I see others from Ontario too. I just started today so looking to successes from everyone. All the best.

I love the fact that your Rving for the winter with your wife that’s what we plan to do once my husband retires

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Hello Kerrif:

Wishing you every success as an affiliate marketer.

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